ASYE Certification

Employers can register newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) for the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE).

Assessed and Supported First Year in Employment (ASYE) is designed to help newly qualified social workers develop skills knowledge and professional confidence. 

Organisations in England that employ social workers in the private, voluntary, NHS, and local authority settings are encouraged to participate.

statement was Serra and sherry social service the ability on the back of the existing newly qualified social worker frameworks in children’s and adult services and said the reform board off Sgt skills we can run that and children’s workforce development council to develop pass why on that basis and since CWD say have been no longer that we’ve worked in partnership with the department for education. D. A. S. why he is open to newly qualified social workers in the private and voluntary sectors as well as the statutory sex. It’s underpinned by the professional capabilities framework for social work and is certified by the college of social work. The first year in practice is really important to support social workers to put into practice the things that they’ve learned through the course of their degree and on to help them to become effective practitioners in a work setting it’s a serious role you note that there are knives at stake we’re dealing with vulnerable children vulnerable families vulnerable adults so we’ve got to try and step up to the profession and. Really. Take the land development more seriously learn from mistakes and and move forward well in the sense it so what it says in the tip on the table. You’ve got an assessment process he goes to polls. You’ve got a year’s worth of time and you’ve got people who are in employment. Each employer is free to roll out the A. S. Y. E. program in a way that works best for them. Brent children social que N. S. Y. E. supervisors work with assassins and to A. S. Y. E. coordinators to implement this structured support for newly qualified social workers at the start of the process as a 3 way meeting on the need to confess social worker the SS on the line manager agree that learning agreement how often have C. provisions when their observations will be done and they complete the professional development plan. Nothing to be central to the A. S. why the program is one to one supervision a combination of workload management and time for reflection in order to develop in and through practices. The newly qualified social workers who must all be registered with the health and care professions council a given the space to consider all aspects of that practice and personal development and what do you want to kind of talk about intense reflection and how you felt plied the end in practice but it is that and construction are quite young souls and the like Florence and ace I got the 8 year old to draw out the tree houses for me which is something that kind of got him more comfortable what what was happening and the more you feel that you have read all of it at the start and I go my god I’m just sounds like I’m being watched but it doesn’t feel like that at all you just feel like you you’ve got this time to ask questions and explore it the house is drawn by the children help you to understand a motion and where their rights yeah so like if you said to them you know you’ve got your code has you’ve got your bot has you’ve got your dream house he concentrated on the could have land in this is an important process we learn every day outside and inside of work and what I encourage face to look at how they intervened more than that and and how they hope to intervene differently and was so emotional resilience I think the court decision sessions is really getting support speed because you have to gain confidence in more complex cases and kind of approaching feelings because we deal with difficult situations and that’s something I think it’s a student a newly qualified social worker really have to get used to to to to deal with difficult emotions actually what you’re saying is a development of not just the individual but of that practice expertise as well and that can be seen over the first year but it’s something that is Paul told the reflective practice of the social worker throughout my career. In friends group is an integral part of the A. S. Y. E. program in this workshop newly qualified social workers from across children’s services I’m not paying a case using the signs of safety approach to safeguarding and assessing risk say basis I am in need of a family that just come in and then it’s coming from the place and and they were cool T. the high end of the family if you’ve got a a newly qualified social worker he’s coming to a team which is quite experienced and they might not necessarily talk through their feelings of vessels in terms of the cases they might not feel confident today that that affects the thought maybe mom was minimizes the domestic violence which took place she did not because you signed up side kind of explode with her why she hasn’t put its place at half and full kitchen design phase if the issue does the topping person to talk about how that is a safe space M. and it said it’s an opportunity for you to bring cases that you find quite challenging and and have input not only from the facilitator but some of the colleagues who work and live in different