Frequently Asked Questions: Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE)

Since DBC took over the ASYE certification process in November 2015 we have had a number of questions and queries. The information on this page provides a set of FAQ’s that you may find helpful. If your query is not included on this page please email us at and we will try and resolve your issue.


  • Who are the certificates issued on behalf of?

Certificates are issued by Daisy Bogg Consultancy (DBC) on behalf of the Department of Health (for adult social workers) and we used to issue on behalf of the Department for Education (for child and family social workers) this ended in November 2016 please see .  This is clearly stated on the certificate.  DBC carries out all security checks on behalf of DH and DfE to ensure the validity and authenticity of the request for certification.


  • Is there a charge for the certificate?

The certificate is issued free of charge unless the request is for replacement of a lost or damaged certificate, please contact us for more information if this applies to you.


  • How is the issue of security managed to ensure certificates aren’t issued fraudulently?

Each certificate carries a unique seal, which is matched to the applicant’s number on DBC’s records.  Prior to certificates being issued, DBC checks the authenticity of the request and the registration details of the ASYE candidate with HCPC.


  • What does the certificate say?

The certificate gives the name of the candidate and the employing organisation where the ASYE assessment was carried out, and the date of issue. It also says whether this is in respect of adults’ or children’s services, and therefore carries the endorsement of either DH or DfE respectively.


  • Can employers access a list of who has been awarded a certificate?

There is no publicly accessible list of successful candidates.  Employers may formally request confirmation of certification for an individual candidate. DBC will provide this information once the request has been verified as authentic and valid.  A form on which to make the request is available from DBC.


  • Is it possible to have a replacement certificate if one gets lost?

Replacement certificates will be made available for a fee. A formal request must be accompanied by verifiable information including contact details of a relevant person of authority within the employing organisation and date of assessment. For a replacement due to error, the certificate must be returned first before we send a replacement. If the error is due to DBC there will be no fee, however if you make an error on application and do not contact us shortly after,


  • Why is the candidates name different to how it was applied for?

Every candidates HCPC number is checked against the register, DBC use the exact name which matches the HCPC number on the register. For example, if you are still registered in your maiden name but you have applied with your married name, the name on the certificate will be your maiden name as you haven’t changed it on the register. I would advise candidates/ employers to check before they apply if they are unsure of what name they are registered under.

  • Where or who will the certificate be sent to?

The certificate will be sent to the candidate’s employer and it will never be sent to the employee. Once the employer has received the certificate, they will then forward it on to the NQSW.


  • Can I apply by sending in a spreadsheet instead of applying for each individual NQSW?

DBC are currently working on a system which will work a lot quicker. For now, if you have a lot to upload we will accept spreadsheets with the required information, this will only be accepted if you have more than 10 applicants to upload. We do have a template for you to use to make sure you give us all the information we need for the upload on your behalf.


  • Do you know automatically whether an NQSW has completed there ASYE?

No. For you to receive a certificate after completing the ASYE, the employer must apply for you on the Social Work Resources website.


  • How long will my certificate come once it has been applied for?

Your certificate can take up to 28 days to arrive. If you would like the process to be as quick as possible I would advise for you to absolutely make sure that your application is completely correct, this will help because we wouldn’t have to make query’s about the application and wait for answers to come back. The 28-day rule will not apply for those who send in spreadsheets, as the 28-day countdown will only begin once DBC have got round to uploading the applications to the website.


  • What do you class as sufficient evidence?

A PDF document which includes the NQSW’s full name, your organisational details, logo/letterhead and confirmation of the candidate’s assessment result. For example, a statement of confirmation from the relevant manager / ASYE coordinator that the individual for whom you are requesting a certificate has been assessed as meeting both the relevant capabilities and the requirements of the Knowledge & Skills Statement or a copy of the minutes or agenda of your organisation’s QA panel meeting where the candidates pass was ratified.


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