Forensic Mental Health Social Work: Capability Framework

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Create DateNovember 17, 2016
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The Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) for Social Workers is the generic framework which defines the standards expected of all professional social workers working at different levels throughout their careers. The forensic social work capabilities framework is designed to build upon these generic requirements, rather than duplicate them. The new capabilities, set within the nine domains of the PCF, set out a framework for post-qualifying progression and development for social workers practising within forensic mental health settings.

The PCF consists of nine domains and five post qualifying levels, progression through which is characterised by the ability to work with increasing risk, ambiguity and complexity with confidence and autonomy. The level and domain descriptors provided by the PCF, combined with the wealth of legacy documentation previously applied to forensic mental health social work, were used during an extensive consultation process with a range of stakeholders to help to think about and shape the standards and expectations of social work in both secure and community forensic mental health service settings.

This resource is also available on the Department of Health website here

An interactive version is currently being developed and all of the tools and resources to accompany the framework will be available here shortly.

Forensic Mental Health Social Work Capability Framework
Forensic Mental Health Social Work Capability Framework