ASYE Certification

We issue certificates, on behalf of the Department of Health for social workers who have successfully completed their assessed and supported year in employment (ASYE). The certification will be triggered once the employing agency tells us their newly qualified social workers have been assessed and meet the standard for ASYE. Employers will need to complete the online form below to request a certificate.

Children and Families Social Work ASYE certificates are now being produced by the Department for Education, all queries and requests for these certificates should be directed to

Adult ASYE Certificates will normally be issued on a monthly basis to the requesting employer. This means that if there are several people who will complete their ASYE programme within a month, it would be helpful to send a list of all of them at the same time.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at:

Social Work Resources

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Telephone: 01908 299445

See also our Frequently Asked Questions for more information

We are aware that there are some newly qualified social workers who have successfully completed ASYE but who have not been able to receive a certificate because of the gap between the closure of The College of Social Work and the granting of the ASYE certification contract to DBC. This covers the period June 2015 to December 2015.

We would like to hear from any employers who know of such candidates, or any individual candidates who have now left the employ of the organisation where they completed their ASYE and who would like to receive a certificate. Subject to verification from the employing organisation that the certificate is warranted, we will do our best to ensure that all those who should expect their certificate of successful completion are able to receive one.

In order to set this process in motion, you should contact DBC by emailing giving details of the employing organisation, candidate name and contact details (where known) and the date of completion of ASYE.

For employers that have 10 or more NQSW’s to upload please see our spreadsheet below. All fields must be filled out and once completed, please email it to 

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