Opportunity to complete a short survey on PSW’s training/learning needs.

Posted By : swr_2722

At the last PCFSW National Network Meeting, it was agreed that we would conduct a survey of learning and development needs of PSWs.

The questions are based on suggestions made at that meeting, as well as issues identified through the PSW survey carried out by Daisy Bogg Consultancy in 2017 and other topics that have arisen during the year. However, there may well be other aspects of learning and support you would find beneficial, and we would like you to take this opportunity to identify these.

Responses will guide a range of learning activities over the next year. The survey asks you to prioritise suggestions that have arisen during network meetings etc. We would be very grateful if you could complete this survey by 11pm on the 10th November.

Link to the survey – https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/PSWSupportDevelopment

Many thanks.