International Zero Tolerance to FGM Day 2017

Posted By : swr_2722

We are helping to spread the word of FGM Day and letting you know what can do to help spread the word or even get involved.

There are lots of meetings and workshops happening around this day, see what’s happening in or around your region. FGM Poster You can share/circulate this poster wherever you feel necessary and let people know about this.

Twitter – if you are on twitter you can start conversations, tell people what you are up to and just share your thoughts. There is an image on the right which may be of interest to use when doing this, or simply use the hash tag #EndFGM

There is lots more materials available, such as screensavers and email signatures. If you would be interested in those let us know and we can forward these to you.

Lastly, make sure you spread the word and talk about your progress and challenges. This is also an opportunity to talk to your social care, education and police colleagues.

Use these materials, and send these materials to everyone else you work with!